We are not—analog™
a branding and digital consultancy studio based on the beautiful Planet Earth, working with global clientele. Our work is characterised by
human-centered and technology-infused design solutions, as well as business innovation.
We are specialists in the simplification of complex problems in order to create experiences which bring value to brands and end-users.
We team up with our clients at all stages of the process, offering methods and solutions tailored to the particular needs of each project.
We’re unique, offering both branding and digital international expertise.

our thinking process

How we get things done!
1. We perform a thorough analysis of each project and its context. We define best practices, extracting conclusions, and laying the foundations for our experimentations through the next phases.
2.The objective here is to understand and recommend what the brand should represent through its attributes, values, positioning, experience, and tone of voice. In the case of a digital product, we define the digital and UX Strategy.
3.From using the conclusions from previous phases, we develop and define the elements of the visual identity or interaction design with the goal of creating a unique and relevant brand/user experience.
4. We then team up with our experienced partners to deliver the promise of a unique experience.

A Selected list of Clients

We treat everybody as a Friend.
Over the years we had the privilege of working with some amazing people on some amazing projects.
Thank you for that!


Human Electric®



Liquidpace Inc.



Signal Ocean

Signal Maritime

Oceans X

Oil X

Panathinaikos B.C.



Lava Inc.

Yacht Repairs